More odd tinged birds recalling vagrants or hybrids

After our post on a Sardinian warbler tinged with some reddish polen from a garden flower, another photo of a similar case has been received.

Carlos Manuel Martín photographed a small passerine with much red on its head at Puerto Moniz, Madeira, Portugal. The photo is labelled as captured on 5 December 2009. At first sight, and until structure was avaluated and a proper view was obtained, the author was surprised and even wondering if he was in front  of a rare vagrant (even more considering he was in an Atlantic island...)

'A mí me pegó un susto de órdago en Madeira (en Puerto Móniz) el sujeto (la sujeta) que
acompaño. Hasta que pude verla en condiciones un segundo, me volvió loco, pensando que estaba
contemplando un divagante desconocido'.

However, if you don't pay attention to the reddish colour, it is clear this individual is indeed a female blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla) again stained with that polen from the same plant species featured in the Sardinian Warbler case: Aloe arborescens.

Not even a case of an unknown hybrid Robin x Blackcap! Indeed, another case of an odd bird that it is not that rare, just 'dirty' in an odd mood.

© Carlos M. Martín


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