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Hybrid Squacco Heron x Cattle Egret at Ebro delta from September 2010 - January 2011

Last issue of the journal Dutch Birding (vol 33 (5): 2011) publishes a paper from mine on the first known case of a presumed hybrid Ardeola ralloides x Bubulcus ibis (Gutiérrez, R.2011. Hybrid Squacco Heron x Cattle Egret in Ebro delta, Spain, in September 2010 and January 2011, Dutch Birding 33; 316-322). The paper deals with the identification of this individual and separation from presumed parent species ans well as potential pitfalls. A number of photos are included in the seven pages of the journal. On 1.1.2011 though, some digiscoped videos were taken too. And in this note we present three of them as a complement of the DB paper. You may note the jizz of the bird and even compare its proportions and size to nearby Cattle and Little Egrets ( Egretta garzetta ). This individual was only seen scarcely afterwards: on 2.2.2011 it was last seen (Manolo García-Tarrasón) Híbrido de Garcillas cangrejera y bueyera en el delta del Ebro desde Septiembre 2010 a Enero 2011. En el último nú