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Presumed 'Brown' Pied Flycatcher at Sevilla on May 2015

On 11 May 2015 José Luís Anguita observed and photographed what seemed a milk & coffee Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca within a Seville, Andalusia, urban park. He took three photos (attached) and he described the sighting as follows: Ayer encontré este papamoscas en un parque de Sevilla capital. Lo di por hembra de cerrojillo y no me fijé en su vuelo ocupado con las fotos...pero al verlas parece atípico. No sabemos si leucístico o alguna otra especie. Su ojo no es oscuro si te fijas, y es muy pálido.  ' I saw yesterday this flycatcher in a Seville park. I gave it as a female Pied and I did not pay attention to its flight as I was concentrated in taking the pictures... but once I saw them it seems atypical. We don't know if its a leucistic or another species. Its eye is not dark and it's very pale' All 3 photos © J.L.Anguita   Once checked the photos it seems that the bird is pale indeed and that the colour is not bleached-related (feathers see